Be Prepared for Your Next Appointment

Sharing your migraine information with your healthcare provider can help him or her better understand your migraine pain, symptoms, and current migraine treatment. In an effort to help guide your discussion with your doctor, review some questions your doctor may ask.

  1. How often do you experience migraines?
  2. Do you experience nausea during a migraine?
  3. Do you experience sensitivity to light or sound during a migraine?
  4. How does your migraine interfere with your daily routine?
  5. What is your current medication?
  6. What migraine medications have you tried in the past and what was your response to those medications?
  7. Can you count on your migraine medication to relieve your pain most of the time? How long does it take to relieve your pain?
  8. Does your migraine medication usually relieve the symptoms that accompany your migraine headache (eg, nausea, sensitivity to light or to sound)?
  9. Are you able to function normally or resume your daily activities after taking your migraine medication? How long until you can resume normal activity?
  10. For most attacks, does one dose of your migraine medication relieve your migraine headache and keep it from coming back?

*Certain restrictions and limitations apply. See full terms and conditions.